CBD Drug Test

Can you fail a drug test using CBD Oil?

CBD Drug Test

I have been asked this question. Can you fail a drug test using CBD Oil? Unfortunately yes, There is a real probability that if you are using CBD Oil everyday you will get a positive test result for THC. I can’t stress this enough. If you have a job that requires drug testing, do not take the full spectrum products. Even taking the CBD Isolate products, there is a chance. The best way to make sure, is to test yourself. You can buy a test kit at the local drug store for around $15. It is a lot better to know for sure.

There Have Been Reports

Consumer Reports wrote an article 5/15/2019. In the report one individual was denied a new job after testing positive for THC, after using CBD Oil. Another reports losing his job as a truck driver after testing positive for THC. He also claims CBD Oil as the culprit. There are a couple of people who are suing one company after a failed drug screen. CBD drug test, it’s not a lie. Most people will try to make up an excuse that they were doing more than just taking CBD Oil. I really don’t believe that.

CBD Challenge

I am challenging people who are using CBD Oil. Go to your drug store, or better yet buy a pack of test kits here. Bookmark this page, and let me know the results in the comment section. The Brand, strength, type, as in Full spectrum or isolate or other product. How much you use, and how often. How long you have been using it, and of course the test result, positive for THC, or negative. A lot of the kits show one line for positive THC, and two lines for negative. Feel free to write more. You can give your story, and what you intend to do. Please let me know if you want to remain anonymous too.

It’s Hard To Swallow

When you find something as good as CBD Oil. Then you find out that you could be jeopardizing your career. It’s hard to swallow. On the one hand, CBD Oil is not addictive. There is not any detox or time to come down from it when you quit. On the other hand, there is a reason you are taking it in the first place. CBD helps with a lot of ailments. Some people have back pain or joint pain. CBD is great for pain. CBD helps with anxiety and depression, sleeplessness. I have written a lot about the benefits.

Find an alternative

Hopefully there will be a CBD Drug test. Let me say that a different way. Maybe some day soon the test labs will be able to differentiate between a CBD user, and a marijuana user. Until that day, you need to protect yourself. I will be anxious to find out if some of the isolated CBD oils work, without any THC.

Gene Hodges

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