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Welcome to my hemp lover’s paradise!

A Little About Me


I am Gene Hodges. I will go by Gene or Geno. I have been in a lot of different situations in my life.

In the 80’s, after High School. I joined the Navy. I got to see the world, as they say (through a portal).

After that I gave it the old college try. Some of us just had too many other things going on to settle for studying and learning to be smart.

I have been working in one or two careers since then. I have always had a passion for computers, hardware and software. I am not the best at it so it takes me a longer time to learn from my errs.

I Really want to Help you find the right hemp products

There are so many brands out there. People tell me, ” you can buy that at the gas station.” The problem with that is you don’t know for sure what is actually in it.


I Can Direct You to some of the right places

I feel like I have some knowledge of where to get the actual “GOOD STUFF.” You should let me direct you to the better quality products. I have been using CBD oil mostly for my back pain. It has relieved my stress, anxiety, and helps me sleep better at night. Most people that I talk to have a good story to tell from using CBD as a dietary supplement. Unfortunately, some people have told me it didn’t do anything for them. That’s why I am starting this site. Those people may have been victims of the old snake oil trick. There have been actual investigations by news teams that bought different brands and had them tested. While most of them did have CBD oil in them, not all of them had the amount that was advertised. Some of them didn’t have any at all.

I can help

Gene (GENO) Hodges


Gene Hodges

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